Pullip Youtsuzu 12″

Pullip Youtsuzu 12"
Pullip Youtsuzu 12″ Detail

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Pullip Youtsuzu 12″ Description

Limited edition toy doll is fully articulated. Comes with unique face makeup, outfit and accessories. Pullip’s eyes can wink and look from side to side. Includes collectable character card and doll stand.

Be made to Itadzura only scheduled to be released summer insect mid-July “sum” three body common theme Pullip, Dal, Taeyang’s first of 2008 will also be the than to Yesterday one I reproduce in modern Courtesan is a symbol of kick Pullip “evening star” Genroku picture scroll. hair ornaments about 310mm height representation! of butterfly, hairpin (six), hair ornament red ribbon boldly Courtesan costume small floral chiffon fabric epidemic , strapwork, Doll Stand …

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Pullip Youtsuzu 12"

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